GrapheneTech believes that being backed by R & D & I is a fundamental factor in the competitiveness of companies and the economic growth in general.

Because of this commitment that we have been carrying out since the beginning, we have been appointed with the certification corresponding to the 2016-Fiscal Exercise of the R + D + i activities developed in the frame of NanoInTech project:  “DEVELOPMENT AND OPTIMIZATION OF INDUSTRIAL PROCESSES FOR THE EFFICIENT AND SAFE PRODUCTION OF NANOMATERIALS AND NANOPRODUCTS”.

In this aspect the ENAC accreditation is a key component in the operation of specific mechanisms designed by the Government to achieve a more efficient use by companies of certain tax breaks for investments in Research and Development, since it is not enough to perform them, must demonstrate to be eligible, for example, these tax benefits, and other such as the possibility of renewal of the qualification of innovative SMEs, which in turn gives access to other benefits, in addition to provide other benefits in certain lines of aid.

However, beyond this particular case, the accreditation has a potential to stimulate innovation and knowledge rarely weighted and that it is at the very basis of its activity, and it is the fact that in the accreditation processes, the highest level technical experts belonging to institutions, research centers and universities are involved to allow an interaction between the large research centers, on the one hand, and small businesses.

This facilitates the transfer of knowledge and expertise from these public research centers to laboratories and other conformity assessors, who give direct service to the industry and the administration reverting to a benefit for society in general.

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28 November, 2017 Noticias