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Plastics and Rubbers have a top position in the industrial world; K Trade Fair is a case in point where over 3.000 exhibitors all around the world displayed   their products, innovations and know-how in an impressive show that takes place every three years.

Huge steps have being done into the polymers world since 1856 when plastic material was patented by Alexander Parkes and unveiled at the Great International Exhibition in London eight years later.plastics-shape-the-future

K Trade Fair is the starting point to take essential decisions about the solutions for products, processes and problems as well as a leading point of the sector for the coming years. Can you imagine the possibilities of these products with Graphene as additive? You might not be aware, but Graphene Tech does.

We spent over three days but we could have been there for a month or even more,  the list of manufactures, suppliers, customers, investors that we met is endless and we are confident to state that the new era of Plastics and Rubber include Graphene and so will we check it next K Fair in 2019.

We thank you all the people that kindly took notice of our proposals.

You can find out more press releases here.


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