Last 3rd November we had the pleasure of attending the “Materplat  General Meeting 2016” held on Repsol Technological Center located in Móstoles, Madrid.

The journey started with the presentation of the State Research Agency, organism in charge of managing the public funds related to R&D&i in Spain.

To continue with, GIGI (Smart Cities interplatform Group),was presented by Vicente Luis Guaita Delgado .This international association gathers more than 3.000 companies and 1000 research institutions. In the short term an on-line form will be available to register different products related to the design and development of smart cities.

Later on Materplat presented his project, which we found really attractive, full of possibilities  and with the smart strategy of creating GRAFIP a new platform around graphene focused on coordinating all commercial and research graphene activities in Spain.img-mtpl-04

Finally,  Repsol magnificently presented his company  plans about a Sustainable future with their materials.

The thirty-minute networking held after gave us the chance of meeting fascinating people who showed a vivid interest in what we offer.

Graphene Tech will be present next year without doubt.





4 November, 2016 Conferencia

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