GrapheneTech has the financial support of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism through the Reindus-2015 call for the industrialization of the production process  of GrapeheTech, in  the project “GRAPHENE MASSIVE PRODUCTION PLANT” with reference number RCI -040000-2015-143.

The aim of this initiative is to develop large-scale production of graphene by exfoliation process to obtain an estimated daily production between 800-1000kg.  With this technology, high-quality graphene with excellent mechanical properties is achieved plus a significant reduction in costs compared with other production methods.

Nowadays, one of the main obstacles to the development of graphene in large-scale applications is the lack of industrial processes of high performance and low cost. Therefore, GrapheneTech will carry out the industrialization of its innovative production process, which will produce graphene high quality and low cost, which is currently not possible with conventional methods, either because they are methods that do not allow industrialization process, or by assuming a very high cost.

The main objective is to implement investments for the expansion of the productive capacity of graphene on an industrial scale by GrapheneTech own technology that allows to obtaina quality product at a very competitive price.

The project is aligned with the Europe 2020 Strategy, which proposes three mutually reinforcing priorities:

  1. Smart growth: Development of an economy based on knowledge and innovation economy, as this project is founded on the industrialization of an innovative process.
  2. Sustainable growth: Promotion of an economy that encourages more efficient use of resources,being greener and more competitivebecause of the fact that the use of graphene as an additive allows to:
    1. Reduce the consumption of raw materials required for the manufacture of the same resistance items that would be necessary without its employment.
    2. Attaches special lightness to the pieces which involves significant savings, both economic and environmentalrelated to their transport.
    3. Promote the implementation of cleaner industrial processes, since the method used by GrapheneTech does not generate waste like other processes used by competitors.
  3. Inclusive growth: Promotion of an economy with a high employment levelcarrying social and territorial cohesion. The development of this project implies the creation of new direct and indirect employment.

The implementation of the new production line to expand the productive capacity of graphene, also aims to incorporate innovative products or processes, at least at sector level technologies, given that the execution of this project respond to the real market needs with regard of the incorporation of graphene in polymer-based composite materials.