SME Instrument Innovators’ Summit

Graphene Tech , having been granted by the H2020 SME Instrument, was  kindly invited to the Innovators Summit held in Brussels from 10 to 11 October 2016.

The venue was an incredible and remarkable place, conference rooms, entertainment corners, exhibitors, time for a break and Innovators everywhere!!

Along the two days we led an hectic rhythm due to the fact that our agenda was full of events:

  • Workshops to know how scale up can improve my product,
  •  Info sessions about Doing Business Abroad: USA, Japan…,
  • Pitching
  • Round tables to find out more about Finance


At the same time another event took place in the same venue, giving us the opportunity of showing our project to future investors.

The event website will remain active until the end of the year 2016, photos can be found here 

Words are no able to describe this two-day summit although one thing is clear; Europe is full of brilliant minds, conscious C.E.Os, avid researchers, innovative ideas , all of them to evolve into a valuable, sustainable and trustworthy world.

Graphene Tech: C.F.O.,Project Manager, C.E.O.

Graphene Tech: C.F.O.,Project Manager, C.E.O.

13 October, 2016 Proyectos ,

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