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Graphene Innovation Summit & Expo

GrapheneTech has the honour of joining The National Graphene Association as Corporate Partnership.   It is a privilege being part of such an association, we truly rely on NGA as a platform to drive innovation and enable the commercialization of graphene. More information: www.nationalgrapheneassociation.com… Continue reading

3 August, 2017 Ferias

Workshop: Create with Graphene

CIC Energigune  is an organisation specialising in research in a particular scientific or technological area considered to be of strategic importance for a region’s economic and social development. Graphene Tech couldn’t avoid the temptation of attending this workshop held on 23rd September where significant graphene producers, technological enterprises and high level companies met with the same purpose: … Continue reading

24 September, 2016 Cursos y Talleres


Graphene Tech is one of the new Phase 2 beneficiaries of the H2020 European Union’s SME Instrument within the topic SMEInst-02-2016-2017 Accelerating the uptake of nanotechnologies, advanced materials or advanced manufacturing and processing technologies by SMEs, being the title LARGE-SCALE PRODUCTION METHOD OF GRAPHENE TO REACH THE MARKET IN AN EFFECTIVE WAY. Graphene Tech is one … Continue reading

13 September, 2016 Proyectos

ID Tech visit

As previously announced, at the end of April another important technological fair was held in Berlin, each of the two-day exhibition was full of events related to 3D Printing, Smart Energy, electrical vehicles, nanotechnology and no doubt: GRAPHENE. Especially attractive were all the researches, advances and multiple applications that are being developed with the material … Continue reading

29 April, 2016 Sin categoría